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2007 POP TOPICS OF CHINESE 社会类流行语 (she hui lei liu xing yu) social pop words:   “恶搞”(e gao) spoof   和谐家庭(he xie jia ting ) harmonious family   二月丫头(er yue ya tou) A famouse girl online   “卡奴” (ka nu) Someone with many credit card “潮人” (cao ren) Someone who is fashion 你太有才了(你太有才了)) You too Talented 史上最...(shi shang zui ....) which is the most of ... 我看行 (wo kan xing) It will I think.
Jan 30, 2008 8:05 AM
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拼音错了... 是“潮人” (chao ren) Someone who is fashion。 不过 很好的帖子啊~嘿嘿
February 25, 2008
yours are popular too,thank you for your message here.hope there will be more,leave the topics you know,it will be thankful.
February 14, 2008
Hi, YOUR 2007 POP TOPICS OF CHINESE are funny, mine are: Stock股票gu3 piao4, Fund基金ji1 jin1, CPI(Consumer Price Index)消费者物价指数xiao1 fei4 zhe3 wu4 jia4 zhi3 shu4, Pork猪肉zhu1 rou4, Oil油you2
February 3, 2008
Stock股票, Fund基金, CPI(Consumer Price Index)消费者物价指数, Pork猪肉, Oil油
February 3, 2008
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