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Mar 12, 2008 6:04 AM
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Hey all *^^.this is Mel(xiaoxiao),i'm from Chengdu and now studying in UESTC.i love english,i also love language learning.that's why i come to italki!!it's definitely an exciting place.i've also learned German and Japanese in school.learning language is always fun experence!you start to communicate,you meet new friends with something in common,you improve your own language skills,you know more about the different people and culture...i consider all these are treasure in it's also great to meet you guys here.i know you all are language i'm gonna catch up with you~*^^ I love music which inspired me a also helps with my language studying!music saves people's soul. Anyway,i've been talking too much.hope there's chance to communicate with you all somedays soon!thanks! Last i hope more and more people can join us soon!!!*^^* xoxo, Mel.xiao
May 28, 2008
April 30, 2008
Hello everybody! I'm very glad to be a member of italki. My name is Tony and I'm a college student. I'm studying in Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, majoring in bioengineering. Whatever, I'll try my best to help others and cooperate with all of you very well.
April 30, 2008
不好意思,,,,,:s O_o, 我写别字了
April 28, 2008
hi, all. This is Nancy from Sichuan International Studies Univeristy. And i am also honhoured and excited to be one of you. i majored in english , and in my last year of my college...Ummm, i still can named myself as a student at this moment..I found Italki over one month ago and i think she is helpful .She takes many new measure to help so many languagers... All in all, i will try my best to help others here. 大家好啊,我是四川外语学院成都学院的Nancy,很高兴可以成为你们中的一员,呵呵,很高行认识你们.多的就不说了,希望在今后的工作中可以帮到更多的人. Guten Tag, Ich bin Nancy.
April 28, 2008
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