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Events Any cultural/educational or entertaining events taking place in London as long as they have a Latin interest (Spanish/Portuguese or Latin American culture/history/entertainment/book launches etc). The Cimarron Festival is taking place in London from the 11th to the 23rd of February. The festival highlights and celebrates the African cultural legacy in Latin America with events across London. For more details check: Concert: Las Morochas The Argentinian tango duet are on tour in England in February with performances in London at the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Albert Hall and more. See: Exhibition: La Cultura Andina y Montaña de Flores The work of Ecuadorian painter Luis Millangalli is available to see at Canning House between the 5th and 14th of March. Free entrance. Read more at The launch of the event is accompanied by a debate on whether we should not prioritize food over biofuels in Latin America. Please post other events that you know of.
Feb 11, 2008 12:53 PM
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Book tickets and read more here: Human Rights Watch International Film Festival Presents: Latin America on screen From 12-21 March, Human Rights Watch International Film Festival returns to six cinemas across London with a programme of 23 eye-opening and inspiring documentary and feature films that dig beneath the surface of stories from 19 countries. Most screenings are followed by lively debate and discussion between filmmakers, audiences and human rights experts. This year, in association with the Discovering Latin America Film Festival, we welcome three documentaries about memory, loss and justice in Latin America A PROMISE TO THE DEAD Ariel Dorfman will attend screenings of A Promise to the Dead, which documents his return to Chile with filmmaker Peter Raymont in late 2006. Dorfman was spared the fate of most of his colleagues when Chile’s military, led by Pinochet, attacked and killed democratically elected President Allende and his ministers at the presidential palace. Years later, Dorfman discovered that his name was struck off the list of people who Allende called to stand against the attackers, so that he could live to tell what happened that day. Find out more and book tickets Friday, 14 March 21.00, ICA Ariel Dorfman and Peter Raymont present Saturday, 15 March 20.45, Ritzy Ariel Dorfman and Peter Raymont present Monday, 17 March 18.30, Greenwich Picture House CALLE SANTE FE Chile and memory also feature strongly in Calle Santa Fé, which director Carmen Castillo will introduce. In this deeply personal documentary Castillo retraces the path from resistance to exile, from the inspiring days of Allende to the long, sombre years under Pinochet, and remembers the men and women who rose up against his tyranny. Find out more and book tickets Sunday, 16 March 15.00, Ritzy Filmmaker present (tbc) Tuesday, 19 March 19.45, ICA Filmmaker present (tbc) BEHAVE For Behave filmmaker Maria Ramos turns her lens on Rio's juvenile courts and detention centers, allowing us to watch court cases play out by successfully and subtly getting around a law which forbids the filming of juveniles in court. The result is a revealing portrayal of a system overwhelmed despite the efforts of the no-nonsense Judge Luciana Fiala. Find out more and book tickets Saturday, 15 March 16.00, Ritzy Tuesday, 18 March 18.30, Ritzy
February 26, 2008
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