anyone knows good tips of learning 2nd language

I saw some europeans speak English very well, not all of them. but there are some countries where almost everyone speaks English well.

i know there's cultural influence, education, etc. but what i noticed is that their language is actually similar to English in many ways.

like using the article in front of words, and the sequence of the sentence. even the sound of words.

i could even guess what english world would sound like in their language. 

So i want to ask you guys if any of you have experience of learning 2nd language which is totally different from your mother tongue. 

and what was a good way to learn? 

Mar 5, 2017 6:46 PM
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The best way in my opinion is to speak speak and speak no matter how much you struggle. I also tell my students that they should try and find a book they are interested in and also try and find the audio version of the the book and then they should read the book while listening to the audio version. When doing this you use more senses and you can better retain the information and also hear how words should be pronounced. I find that this is also a very effective method of learning a new language.
March 5, 2017
The best way to learn is to expose yourself to the language and practice every day, even if for short periods. 
March 5, 2017

Hi Ivy,

The best way to learn any second language is always integration: put yourself into an environment where you're forced to speak that language around the clock. Of course, not all of us have this luxury, so we have to find opportunities to create these types of environments for ourselves.

I grew up speaking both Mandarin and English, which are two highly different languages. I was fortunate to have two environments created for me to use both languages: Mandarin at home and English at school. Are there any environments you can think of in your daily life where you can start using English more regularly? If so, take advantage of those.

March 5, 2017
I am a native Russian speaker, I learnt English to C2 and French and Spanish to B2. I don't remember how I started English, I was a kid. But then Spanish and French were so easy because there are lots of similar words between them (and some are the same in English)
March 5, 2017