I was wondering if anyone can give suggestions on how to remain motivated to learn a new language. 

I tend to be very motivated to learn at the beginning but after a few months is hard to keep it up. What do you all do to stay on track?

Mar 7, 2017 1:44 AM
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I've written a few posts here about that. Why are you learning the language? What is your purpose? Those are the first questions you can start asking yourself, but the most important thing is to picture yourself at the place you wanna be.

In my case I fell in love with the language from 6 past years when I spoke for the first time to a foreigner. Since then I've studied every day in my life 5 minutes a day at least. I push myself in english environment as much I can. I imagine myself on a table talking with clients in english, running lectures in english, visiting english speaking countries, traveling to the world. I am very addicted to english.

I remember of a period my life when I felt a little burnout because I didn't see my improvements taking off as the way I wanted.  I took a few days slowly although I couldn't stop practicing, something in my mind and my heart avoided me to really stop. So I got lower on my studies...

During that time I read a book about athletes and their mental training. In the book they always imagined themselves performing perfect matches, always been the tough opponent to been beaten, they repeated the physical training in their minds over and over again almost like crazy people talking to themselves and I realize that what I needed to do as well.

So, now everyday when I have a break I do that mental training. Imagine yourself at the first place! It can be in a city or in a important company where your skill will be very necessary or elsewhere...

Put yourself at the place you wanna go! Do that every day! Close your eyes if necessary and imagine yourself there! That's what I call the fuel of my life!

I'm sorry if I was a little silly or naive, but that's what motivates me! Practicing the language is my lifestyle and I can no longer live without it.

March 8, 2017
motivation means why do you learn a language... so, why?
March 7, 2017

Hi Carmen! 

That happens to me a lot too. I try to stay in touch with the language I'm learning as much as possible -- through tv shows, movies, music, books... it makes me want to understand what they're saying so much that I just can't give up on learning the new language.

And is also good to have a purpose, always ask yourself "why do I want to learn this language?". It keeps me going :)

March 8, 2017

Carmen, I think the best way to keep yourself motivated is finding a way that makes your learning as much "rewardable" as possible.

Language partners are here for this... Practice your desired language with native and and also learners, talk to people whenever you can and you will feel rewarded. There are lot of interesting stories you'll get to know...

March 8, 2017
I think you should have a goal in the language you are learning, it can be new job opportunities, love, relocation... 
March 7, 2017
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