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Learning Article : 8 Strategies To Improve Your Chinese Compound Sentence

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Chinese sentences are often balanced on pairs of words indicating conditional or cause and effect relationships between clauses. Learn to recognize the patterns in this article, all excellent for expressing yourself rhetorically.

Mar 6, 2017 12:00 AM
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This article was extremely helpful!  This is an area for me that needs improvement.  Thank you!
March 24, 2017
Thank you Ms. Chu! Very helpful article.
April 22, 2019

Wow! Thank you for writing this! I noticed you are in Hong Kong. Would these phrases be the same if you speak Cantonese? In other words, if I go to Hong Kong and use Cantonese to say these phrases exactly as they are, would they be understood?


August 3, 2017

老师, 谢谢你!



March 15, 2017


Thank you very much for this helpful article.

I confess though I didn't understand what you mean by this:

"When speaking Chinese, we don’t really say long or simple sentences which may obscure meaning, and because people cannot clearly catch SVO in conversation"



March 9, 2017