Stefany Petisrá
Someone from Canada

I have a friend who want live from Canada. He ask me about jobs from there and I don't know nothing about it. He want work on places like mc donald's or easy jobs for get.

I have few questions too:

How much hard is the interview for that jobs?

How much they paying for that?

So can you help me about it, please?

Mar 7, 2017 4:32 AM
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It is not hard to get an interview for that job, depending on the city/province. On the east coast there are fewer jobs, therefore not as many places are hiring, but on the west coast it is pretty easy. The pay is normally around $12 Canadian dollars an hour. The hard part about getting a job in Canada is getting a sponsor who is able to obtain a work permit to hire your friend.

Wishing your friend luck! 


March 7, 2017