Do multilingual have a lot of chances to get jobs? Could you tell me why you are learning a lot of languages?

I'm learning only English and Korean. I'm a little interested in multilingual. However, I need motivation to try it because I think it takes time to become a multilingual.

Could you tell me why you are learning a lot of languages?

Mar 7, 2017 5:01 AM
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Hi Yumiko,

I know the topic was posted a while ago.

However I would like to answer your question from my perspective.
I speak Russian(native), German(almost native(c2), since I grew up in Austria) and English (C1).

Since I didn't grow up at home, but was taken care by the government, I did not had the opportunity to visit an University.
So with 18, I stood in the midst of things and had no proper education, til I was 23 I had several low-paying jobs, I didn't have the money to study, nor the time. Then I tried to apply for a job in a Call-Center as a sales agent for retails customers, fortunately there was a mix up and the HR sent me into the wrong room. By the end of the interview they asked me "

"How do you imagine your work in the technical department for business customers?"

and I was like "Excuse me? I thought I applied here for a position as a sales agent."

Then they had said "Oh? But would it be a problem for you?"

I replied with "No, I have no clue about it, but if you want to teach me, I'll learn anything you want."

About a week later they called and said that I had the job.
They taught me everything from scratch with a 6 weeks/10h a day coaching.

2 years after that, my boss asked me in her office and they offered me a position in International Wholesales,
for one reason: I spoke 3 languages.

The new job didn't have to do anything with the technical department, the only reason the new department wanted me is because I spoke the three languages, that's it.

I know I had luck, however speaking multiple languages opened so many doors for me, we are 14 people in my team, 13 have a degree, the only one who hasn't is me, still they needed those skills, even though I think that my English needs lots of improvement.
So yes. You get more jobs, you still need luck, but speaking multiple languages helps you a lot.

April 4, 2017


March 7, 2017
Because I love how this languages sounds
March 7, 2017

If they already are fluent in multiple languages, yes, but it's a waste of time to learn a language to increase your chances of getting a job. Why would you want to work for someone else who you don't even know about now, anyway? You can work your ass of by learn a language for a year and be someone else's puppet, or you could work your ass of for a year to build your own business. It's not difficult because of the internet. Learning to make money is like learning a language - it's a new skill. Make language learning a hobby not a duty. In fact, make everything you do a hobby. Work smart not hard.

As to why I'm learning languages, it's because I simply like to use them.

March 7, 2017