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I am beginner. If i study 30 minutes everyday how many years i am fluent in english?
Mar 7, 2017 10:19 AM
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This is my subjective feeling based on my own experience.

I am studying Spanish. I probably average just about 30-60 minutes a day. I've been studying it for about three years. I feel that I'm about halfway to where I want to be.

I'm not "fluent" because I speak slowly and need to pause to remember words and grammar. I will get bursts of fluency of half a sentence or so. I am not translating word by word when I either talk or listen, and a simple Cervantes Institute placement test puts me at "B1.3-4" meaning that I'm "intermediate" but getting toward the higher end.

I've actually reached the point where I can enjoy reading some carefully chosen books in Spanish for pleasure. I can communicate functionally with a patient language companion who is willing to speak slowly. When I speak I make frequent errors but my listeners are able to understand me.

I could learn faster if I devoted more time to it and worked harder. However, I think language courses routinely over-promise. Every diet plan tells people what they want to hear, which is "lose 10 kg in a month," and every language courses promises you will be "fluent" in six months.

I can't stress this too much: I find that 1) textbook-like learning (reading, working exercises in books, doing online quizzes, Rosetta Stone, etc); 2) live interactions with a paid italki teacher; 3) conversations with language partners are all helpful in three different ways. None is a substitute for the others.

March 7, 2017
I learn English by myself and it took me one year to reach a B2 level, at least I want to believe it is, but I had and have plenty of time for learning. 
March 7, 2017
Mariana Garcia, ask yourself why do you need to learn English, what for? All students have some goals: work, travels, communication with the world. Don't give up, all people are different, some can learn something easily and fast, some don't. Don't give up.
March 7, 2017

It is not just about how long you study for but also the quality of study. If you study by yourself it will be harder to achieve true fluency but a teacher can really help you. A teacher will help you learn much better and also keep you motivated. If you would like someone to practice with, I would be happy to help. Feel free to look at my teaching profile and send me a message if you think I can help you. Best of luck! :)

March 7, 2017
Hi Dan Smith, happy that I am not the only slow learner here :) the only thing I would like to add is that English is much more difficult than Spanish... and 4) taking classes with a teacher live, in the city, especially if the teacher is native... maybe a bit more expensive but it is priceless
March 7, 2017
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