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mini Learning Article - 7 Professional Tips that will improve your chances of getting the job you want
1 Knowing what the employer needs is critical.
   Read the duties listed in the Job Description/Posting.
   Focus on the skills and experience that you have that are related to the position's duties.

2 Be realistic.
   We can't all start at the top.
   You may not be qualified or have sufficient excperince or skills to work for a large, very successful company
   (e.g.  Microsoft/Google/etc).
   Search for and apply to a smaller company where you can develop your knowledge, skills and experience.

3 How's your resume/CV. Does it look professional? Does it have too much information?
   Has it been modified for each different job application?
   Most resumes are read by Human Resources (HR) in less than a minute.
   Does your resume stand out? Search the internet for resume/CV templates.
   Then have your resume reviewed and upgraded by someone with HR experience.

4 Do you have a profile on LinkedIn or other similar sites?
   Did you post a professional looking photo?
   Can you upload your resume/CV?
   Have you highlighted your best skills?

5 Networking... The most effective for an employer to learn about you is through a referal from someone works at the place you are
   applying to.
  Think about who you know or if you know someone who works at the place you want to apply.
   Volunteer with a group/association/society of professionals in the same field of work... network!

6 Do you know how to answer the typically-asked interview questions.
   Do you know what the interviewer wants to know about you?
   If you don't know 10 to 20 of the most often asked questions, then get help.
   Developing your answers before the interview will reduce your stress, give you confidence and
   improve your chance of having a successful interview. 

7 No one is born with Job Interview Skills.
   Research on your own and get help from someone who has a lot of job interview experience.
   (see my profile and read about my course entitled "JOB INTERVIEW SKILLS - What the interviewer wants to hear".)

Good luck...
Mar 7, 2017 12:44 PM