What are the different body languages in different countries?

As we all know,Body language speaks louder than words.And each country has its own culture.And the way people in different courtries communicate is different too.Body language  is especially important when we try to communicate across cultures.What is the difference for the body language in different countries?Thank you for your opinnions.

我们都知道,肢体语言胜于言辞,每一个国家都有他们自己的文化。不同的人在不同的国家,其交流方式也是不同的。而当我们在跨越不同文化的交流上,肢体语言就显得尤为重要。那么, 不同的国家与民族有哪些不同的肢体语言呢?谢谢大家的讨论。

Mar 7, 2017 1:24 PM
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I do not know many specific examples, but I know that one difference is in the amount of personal space that a person is comfortable with.  Americans often want more space left between them and an acquaintance than, for example, someone from Italy or Greece. 

There are quite a few customs that are different from country to country, such as shaking hands or kissing cheeks as a greeting.   I think some cultures tend to use more hand movements when they talk than others do. 

March 8, 2017
Thank you for your opinion.
March 9, 2017