How can improve english

1 chat with friends

If yes .

Who will make my friend . And help me for improve my english.


2 watching a movies .

If yes .

Which types of movies.

Like technology or love / romantic


3 listing a songs.

If yes .

Which types of songs good .

Romantic/ love. 


4 reading a books.

If yes .  

Technology or novels

Mar 7, 2017 4:52 PM
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Since you changed your post since I commented, I'll write another.

1. Find someone here on Italki who is an English native who is trying to learn Hindi. If you can't find someone here, try Hellotalk, or other websites online.

2. I would watch romantic movies, or comedy, something that would interest you that has regular every day activities as the main focus of the film.

3. As for genres of music, I would stay away from rap, R&B, and most country music. Generally most pop is fine, but really whatever you listen to, have your native English friend around for help translating if you don't understand something :)

4. Stick with novels that interest you, but aren't too challenging. If you need to read books that are for children (but older than 5-10 years old) we have many books that are considered "middle grade", these may be best suited for you rather than adult novels. 

March 7, 2017

You can improve your English by doing all of those things! Reading books is probably the biggest chore of them all (even though I love reading).

Chatting with a friend in your target language is the best because they can correct you in a matter of seconds. 

Listening to songs can be good, but there are a lot of phrases and slang that are not used in everyday speech, so it depends on what type of music, I guess :) 

And watching movies is probably next after chatting with friends. You'll see a lot of situations that would happen in real life, or regular conversations that you can learn from. 

So my advice would be:

1. Chat with friends

2. Watch movies

3. Listen to music

4. Read books

March 7, 2017
All of these are very helpful to improve your English skill but if you would like to speak in English fluently, speaking in English with friends is for me the most effective way.. :) 
March 7, 2017