How to find an accent coach

Hello everyone,

I already speak english fluently, however I'd like to refine my accent to sound more like a native, some bland accent easy to understand like Urijah Faber the fighter (he's from Sacramento, CA). My mother tongue is Portuguese and as such I struggle a bit with the pronunciation of vowels.

I took a good look at the feature "find a teacher" but I can't find an open text field where I can type "accent" or something like that.

I also took a look at a few teacher profiles on the first page, it seems accent coaching is not a "thing" yet on this site as it was never mentioned.

Anyway, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Mar 8, 2017 1:23 PM
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I see a handful of teachers who mention accent or pronunciation, as a tag or in their introductory text on the teacher page. About 170 possibilities (once you refine it to mother-tongue, from the USA, exam preparation, A/V), if you keep loading more on the page for a tedious minute and then CTRL+F the keywords you are interested in, you can find your candidates.

March 9, 2017
Thanks guys, I can see now that once expanding to the last page there are a few teachers for accent reduction.
March 9, 2017
You're right, a tag such as "pronunciation" or "accent" would be useful when looking for a teacher. I do know that a number of teachers here are able to work on accents, but only the British speakers come to mind.

Another option is to search on Google, using the keywords "italki teacher California". This would focus your search on teachers from that area, so you may find a teacher who can guide you.
March 8, 2017