Madison Dunn
English hello (Hello's people may not know Americans use) Part 2 (Part 3 coming soon)

6. Hi
Like hey, hi is a informal and shortened version of hello. This is a common version of hello that you will hear from a lot of Americans. Though you could use it at a formal setting.

7. Yo!
A good example of American slang is yo. Yo is used in a similar way to sup, meaning "How are you?" and "Hello".

8. It's nice to meet you!/Pleased to meet you!
Here's a formal one, finally! When meeting someone for the first time, I recommend using this after a "Hi, how are you!" or "Hello, how are you doing?".

9. What's up?/What's new?/What's going on?
These are meant for someone you've already meant and used as "How are you?".

Mar 8, 2017 3:54 PM
Madison Dunn
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