Is it too formal English?

What will native speaker think about if I use such sentence as:

The man from whom I borrowed the book.

The library at which we met.

The day on which we met.

The reason for which I was at the library.

Mar 8, 2017 3:59 PM
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I think they're too formal and stilted for everyday use.

None of those sentences would sound natural in spoken English, other than in very formal contexts, such as a courtroom. In fact, the last one would never be used - it should be "The reason why I was at the library."

Here's how we'd say them in normal conversation:

The man I borrowed the book from.

The library where we met.

The day we met.

The reason I was at the library.

See? We don't actually need relative pronouns at all in three of the four sentences. You could use relative pronouns, but it's easier - and perfectly acceptable  - to miss them out.

I hope that helps.

March 8, 2017

They're right but instead you can use  who, where, when and why.. these are much common 

But i guess both are right

March 8, 2017
No. I don't think those are too formal. For the first one " The man that I borrowed the book from." would be more commonly used. Your sentence is also fine and natural to use though. 
March 8, 2017

Yeah, reading the sentences again the other two posters are correct. The examples Su. Ki provided are much more natural and commonplace. 


March 9, 2017
Thank you, Chad.
March 8, 2017