How many books did you read in the language you're learning ?

Hello guys ,

It's really hard to read a book when you use the dictionary with almost every word in the book ( , For me I've read :

1- One short story in french 50 pages ( L'ile de tresor )

2- (10) pages of a short story in English " The fall of the house of usher" , very complicated ))

3- (3) pages in Italian " Bianca come il latte , rossa come il sangue ".

What about you guys , and could you please mentioned some easy books to read ).

Mar 8, 2017 5:31 PM
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If you can afford one, a Kindle is really fantastic for reading books in your target language.  I do not know how many books in Spanish I have read in the two years that I have been studying Spanish, but I think at least 40, because the Kindle makes it so easy.  With a Kindle you can download a translation dictionary in your target language and then just put the cursor on the word to see the definition.  There are many thousands of books available in English or Spanish, including at least hundreds of free books.  You can also download a free chapter of any of the more expensive books.  By downloading a free chapter, you can find books that are at your reading level.  My Kindle is small enough that I carry it in my purse where ever I go and read when I have extra unexpected moments of time. I can carry my whole library around with me.   

March 8, 2017

Hi Hamza,

I agree with Susan, with an e-book reader (and a dictionary integrated) is a lot easier. I've read four books in Spanish and am now reading the fifth. I've also read some books in English and French.

An easy book you can read in Italian is "Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi, a book for children, but also interesting for adults. Another book, a little less easier than this, is "Io e te" by Niccolò Ammaniti.

The first book I read in English was "Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone", and I found it easy.

In French I read "Le Petit Prince", and this was easy as well.

I hope this was of some help ^_^

March 8, 2017
Hello Hamza, I learn English and I don't speak enough good, but I had a period when I read a lot of books. Actually, you shouldn't use a dictionary every time you should understand general thought. I took interesting books which I wanted to read in my native language. I read whole Harry Porter and Percy Jackson, I tried The Lord of the ring but unfortunately, I couldn't finish it. Good luck, this is a good way to improve your vocabulary
March 10, 2017

I had been studying English for some 11 years and read a plenty of various books in it, especially while studying in the university. I took those books i actually wanted to read, so it was mostly fantasy and dystopia, easiest of which were The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series. There were also many English books adapt for learners in the bookstores, so one with a lower knowledge level could get a good practice with not checking up every single word.

As an experienced learner (guess i might call myself this way), i think reading books in the language you are studying is vital and very good for improving your skills, but checking up every word is not reading, really. It's more like reading a dictionary. One of the most important things in reading foreign books is to improve your general understanding with not knowing every word in the text provided, so you should understand at least some of them. So if your level is not very high yet, it's better to choose an adapted book or some easier one in order to have no need to check ALL the words. 

As for me, i'm trying to read in Japanese now as i'm studying it, but my level is still no good, so it really feels like reading a dictionary and i understand your pain well. I've started to read The Hobbit by J.Tolkien in Japanese translation as this book seems to be quite easier than others. Now it's just some 24 pages completed but i'm looking forward to finishing it :)))

March 10, 2017
You're welcome Hamza ^_^
March 8, 2017
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