Do you think it is necessary for a parent to buy a cellphone for their child who is under 18?

I see fairly young children and teens of all ages having their own cell phone.  Parents often complain about how their children use the phones, etc.

 I often ask what is the reason then, that they have provided the phone if they are so concerned about the behavior of their child/teen.

The answer is usually something like "they HAVE to have a phone!" or "Of COURSE they need a phone!"

What do YOU think? 

Mar 8, 2017 11:20 PM
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LOL!  Mumtaz!  I wasn't going to mention it, BUT ... I lived about 47 years WITHOUT a cell phone!!  :)

My children are now in their 30's.  They weren't allowed to have a computer in their own room, the screen always had to be visible to everyone.  Cell phones weren't a "thing" when they were still at home, so I didn't go through that issue.  :)

It seems that our "needs" change, the more conveniences we have and the more we have access to.  (That being said, I do understand that in the US, a payphone is nonexistent now, when they used to be all over the place and children had access to call their parents.)  All parents do need to know their children are safe.  We just handled it in a different way before cell phones.  (I can barely remember it!!)

March 9, 2017
Many parents are illogical. Don't try and figure out the things they do for their little darlings. Usually they give in to avoid arguments. Most parents these days want to be their child's best friend. Playing Santa Claus is a good way to stay on their good side ( and raise a monster ).
March 9, 2017

Mumtaz, I agree with you.

 I think it is really easy to retreat behind technology and never learn the skills needed to socialize (non-virtually!)  I think many parents are aware of that, but perceived safety and convenience often overrides concerns about socialization.  Maybe also because parents are socializing more virtually?

OOPS!  Should I be talking???  Look at me, socializing online on italki!!!  LOL

March 9, 2017

I can relate Verna, because lived 27 years without them :)) Yet I totally agree that it was

easier back then because payphones were all over the place! Most schools don't allow

students to have cell phones now but if a student needed to make a phone call, they would

let them use the school phone.

I also respect that you didn't allow your children to have computers in their own rooms, 

because they could have isolated them, and this is what's happening now with children

having their smart phones where they have access to everything and they simply don't 

feel the need to leave their rooms.

If a cell phone is a mean of communication but it's no longer letting a child communicate,

then it feels as if it lost its purpose. 

I have a feeling if you gave a child a cell phone that they can only use to call, they would 

hate you for that :D because it's either they have what their friends have or they wouldn't 

really need it anymore.

March 9, 2017

No, I don't see that necessary, but if parents don't want to buy them for their kids,

then they should give up using cell phones as well :) You just can't convince your

children that cell phones are things they can live without unless you apply that to

yourself first, so they could believe that they are not that important. I know that 

cell phones are different than smoking for example, but if one of the parents is a

smoker and trying to convince their child that smoking is bad, the child would find

it so hard to believe that smoking isn't enjoyable and that it would harm their health ;)

We used to live without them, Verna! Remember?

I only see them increasing anxiety and not giving relief to anyone! They are supposed

to bring people and families closer to each other, but they are breaking families and


Most parents don't like to see their children without cell phones because they don't want

them to look odd or be less than their friends and peers! This is why they answer you with:

"they Have to have a phone!" and not because it's a necessity.

March 9, 2017
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