Methods for learning English / live in a new langage environment

Hello everybody ! :)

I try to improve my english langage ! So i looking for methods. Most of you are maybe easly learn a langage, how did you proceed ?

For me, i think that's the most important is to live in a stranger langage environment. Travels is the best methods but it's not possible for everyone (time, work, family...). For example, i decided to change the langage of my computer system or websites. Have you got a good others solutions in order to be the most possible daily in a new langage environment ?

In the French television, there aren't english programs with French actuallity...

I often read that the solution to watch series, films and documentary with subtitles. But i think it's not the best solution. I hear and memorize the pronunciation, tone but i don't memorize the words. I'm too much concentrate on the scenario and read subtitles... I have been doing this for several years but i don't feel that i progress...

I had try to translate musics, but i forgot the motivation.

It's interessant on this website to discut with peoples ! I think it's maybe the better solution.But I don't know if i will keep my motivation !

I want read english books, but it's too hard for me... I need to learn more words.

Actually, i'm writting this post with a translator. Do you use it or you think it's better to write a text without it ?

So : What is your solutions to live in another environment langage ? For you, what was the effective solution ?

PS : I can give you a good playing application to learn a langage for free : Duolingo. It's work with the repetition !

Mar 9, 2017 12:28 PM
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Hello Jairem,

I think you have some good ideas to learn a language. But language learning includes different skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. You need to focus on which ones are important. For example, watching movies is very useful for listening and for leaning natural pronunciation and tone. Yet I agree with you - it is not good for learning vocabulary.

It is difficult to get a 'native environment'. I recommend playing video games in English because you can practice a number of skills: listening, reading, vocabulary etc. Also I recommend volunteering as a travel guide for international tourists. You can meet a lot of people and practice your skills.

Try to stay away from translation websites like Google Translate. Yes, they are convenient but they rarely help you improve.

I hope these ideas help you!


March 9, 2017