Why we learn a new language ? We let our self to hack language wall , discovery unknown places to voices and founded other complex out side our data , that's mean i could speaking other language like any body lives in this country, and being one of them , or my sound will be force .
when People saw you speaking other language that's make him Happyfull with you , and let you connecting easier with them
Mar 9, 2017 5:34 PM
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Because language are history of the nations Real nation is not race or territory but language 
March 14, 2017
For me learning a new language is like discovering something new , something unknown . It makes me open minded .
March 13, 2017

Hey Khalid,

Man, I could not agree more with you! Learning a Language does help you discover unknown places, unravel new cultural and social complexities and open up many opportunities to learn new things about ourselves and those around us!

I have been learning a foreign language for 7 years and sometimes, it still sounds "forced", but it is always worth the effort! 

Keep practicing! 

March 9, 2017