I am curious...

Hi. Can you answer the question

Which professions did you want in the past?

It happened truth?

Mar 9, 2017 5:39 PM
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Hi Rose,

Is the question, "which professions did you want in the past?

I wanted to be a policeman when I was a child. I am glad it did not come true, because I enjoy teaching way more!

Best regards :)

March 9, 2017
Hello Rose
I wanted to be a military officer when I was studying at school….but I changed my attitude to everything concerned with the army after I had served out....and now i am glad that i am an engineer)))/
Serving for army is not for can be quite difficult especially for those who are not able to be under pressure and who cannot stand restrictions
March 9, 2017
Hi Evgeny. Thank you for your comment. For sure the military officer is certainly full of sacrifices proffesion.
March 9, 2017

Hi Jonathan. Thank you for your comment and correct errors.

Regards :)

March 9, 2017