Let's Be human We born...We grow up...We complete our education...then relationship...then get a job...then marriage...then children... then we become grandparents. And then wait for death. Is this life all about? or we have a purpose? we are best living why we just wasting our time only to fulfill our desire? . Look at the buildings, cars. few years before someone else used it. But now they are gone. Now we are using. oneday we will go away. and someone else will use. so in this short life, why we are running. for what we are running? why can't we get satisfaction in little things? why can't we search for real knowledge? where is the natural enjoyment? last when you showered in rain water? when we were child, we didn't care anything, we enjoyed life. the real life. and now we are so much materialistic. Without smartphone we think we are backdated. If you didn't kiss or having relationship, people think you are loser. Is this life? no. In this life there is no peace. In this lifestyle there is only hurt, pain and suffering.. End of the day no one can be happy.. So let's find, let's find what is life. let's control our desire and let's start to live the life beautifully. let's smile from heart. let's stop cheating. let's stop hurting. let's stop neglecting each other because of country color or religion. lets stop thinking that love means only physical relationship. Let's start respecting parents. Let's start caring others. lets take this earth back to its real form. Lets spread peace. Let's be human..
Mar 9, 2017 10:37 PM
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Hi. The first words your spoken is turn life. World revolves around the material realm, but not everyone is materialist.

Widespread is the phenomenon of discrimination, but not everyone is racist.

The most important is to feel fulfilled in life. Be a human: to  treat others as I want to be treat.

By the way your topic of speech is an interesting.

March 9, 2017
This is true! We can learn so much just by slowing down and enjoy the moment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
March 10, 2017
Bravo! You are a very wise man! I agree. There are so many wars in the world, so many disputes, conflicts for various reasons ... Many people suffer .... And we still quarrel over trifles, take offense, do not talk to each other, do not care, do not help ... Of course, everything People are different. But if there is a conflict, then we must try to solve it and live peacefully.
March 10, 2017

Waw amazing

March 9, 2017