PC Skype not displaying Japanese characters

Suddenly today, the skype app on my PC started to display all incoming Japanese script as blocks 口

 I have been  successfully using the same set up for months with no problem.

Not only were today's incoming Japanese from my teacher only displaying as blocks, all   Japanese entries from our previous entries have turned to blocks. 

I use both PC and iPad for the Skype session.  iPad is displaying properly but I can't "select" the session for printing and one line at a time copying and pasting is a bit of a pain, especially when the PC app, thanks to some help from a very kind person in this forum, does the job in seconds.

All the other software on the computer, e.g. email and MS Word, are displaying Japanese / English as usual.

Has there been an upgrade I should do something about?

I would be most grateful for any help from the rest of the Japanese learning community.

thank you





Mar 10, 2017 2:46 AM
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I have answer my own question because it is so cool I have to share!!


from - this answer

<em>Make a file (any kind of file) on the Desktop that has some character of that language in the file name</em>

<em>Did it... it worked... all Japanese entries in Skype now displaying as they should...</em>

<em> </em>

<em>Can you believe that!!! </em> 

March 10, 2017