What's the hardest part about learning Italian?

Hey guys! I've just started learning Italian and have noticed a few challenges:

1. They use definite articles way more than English speakers do. 

2. Genders for nouns (this is a big one!)

3. Their prepositions seem more specific. For example, choosing between a/in and di/per. It seems to depend on the situation more than it does in English.

What are some difficulties you come across when learning Italian? How have you overcome these challenges?

Mar 10, 2017 12:19 PM
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to be honest gender of nouns and use of articles are a big deal as they are specific to Italian and more in general to Neo-Latin languages, but the use of them comes out of practice, there are few rules on when use a determinative article (IL, LO , L' , LA, L', I GLI, LE) and when don't or use a indeterminative (UN, UNO UNA UN'), but yes at a beginner level it may represent a difficulty, hence again practice!

The real problem to a foreigner are the preposition ( DI A DA IN CON SU PER TRA/FRA FA), and the fact that few of them (DI A DA SU IN) often are jointed with articles (IL LO LA L' I GLI LE ) so for example in the case of  DI u would have DEL, DELLO , DELL', DELLA, DEI, DEGLI, DELLE.that in a nut-shell.... to master the use of preposition is a long journey to be honest, but nothing that cannot be done with practice and exercise... Besides, it also depends what are your aims in learning Italian, if for example your aim is to communicate, you don't need to learn super well the regales on how and when a preposition is jointed.

March 11, 2017
Marco, thanks for your thoughts! One of my language partners sent me a couple tables that explain the use of prepositions, which are very helpful. Now it's time to practice!
March 13, 2017