What kind of teachers are you lloking for?

Hi there :-)

I want to hear your opinion about choosing a teacher on Italki? What is the most important for you?


Mar 10, 2017 1:01 PM
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Hi Kristina,

For me as a student, scheduling and pricing are the main factors - I also look for a reasonable rate, and not necessarily the cheapest.  If a teacher can cover a specific need, then that's also more attractive to me.  Some of my teachers offered a specific textbook, and I think it's useful to know we have a specific source of material for lessons.

As a teacher, I've found that students often come to me because I'm Australian, and they wish to work or study in Australia (or, they are already here).  Of course students also want guidance with certain exams or some practice and feedback on how they speak, so I think it's important to show that I can offer that, instead of just generic help with English.

For example, you've mentioned your experience with business language (English or Croatian or both?) in your profile, but you could specifically offer it as separate lessons - yes, at the same price as the general lessons if you want.

One bit of feedback on your video - it's almost two minutes long, but you only spoke Croatian for literally 20 seconds, and at the end. I actually thought you weren't going to speak any Croatian at all. ;)  Just a suggestion: make it short and sweet (for both languages), present Croatian sooner than later (even a bilingual greeting is fine) and focus on what you can offer the students (more about them, less about you). That might make you stand out a bit more from the many teachers here, considering that there are already close to 1900 English teachers on this site.  Have a look at the other teacher profiles, especially the ones that are doing well, and see what those teachers offer and how they present their lessons.

Good luck!

March 10, 2017

I look for a teacher with lots of repeat students. I'd rather have a teacher who has only 17 students but 200 sessions. That pretty much tells me that the teacher is pretty good. However, if there were a teacher with 150 students but 200 sessions, I'd definitely skip over. 

I also look for teachers who offer video classes, instead of just audio only. I'm also a fan of teachers who actually have material and a plan for the class

March 12, 2017

This probably doesn't help you much but for me, I like to choose specific people with native accents. 

However, I do agree that there are different people with different requirements and it takes time for them to discover you. 

I agree that you should speak more in your native language on the video.  The market may not be large but correspondingly fewer teachers. There are two things that put me off teachers in introduction videos. Music and very limited time speaking one's own native language. 

March 12, 2017

Hi :-)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It is true that I have been speaking Croatian just a little bit in my video but the main reason is that I want to teach English and I don't see who would want to learn Croatian. Maybe I am wrong but English is an international language and from my experience a lot of people need it for their jobs or just traveling.

There are amazing people here on Italki and just being their friend at the beginning and sharing some experience is fine with me. If they want me to teach them, I am sure they will ask that.

Once more, many thanks :-)

March 10, 2017