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What does it mean by 'clip back'? I think they were right to go for clipping back by reducing expenditure wherever possible.
Mar 11, 2017 3:40 AM
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Hi.   This is not a common expression in English.   Actually I've never heard this once in my whole life.   It is possible that it means to say "cutting back".      This means reducing something.   Making something less.

For example:   This week I'm "cutting back" on the amount of beer I drink.    

Good luck!

March 11, 2017

I have come across this expression before.
Clipping is usually used in the context of "clipping back nails or hair".
You can clip back the nails of your dog or clip your beard hair. But the word "to trim" is more commonly used for beard hair.
The tool called "nail clipper" is used to clip back nails.

In this context it just means "to cut back expenditure". The difference btwn. (= between) reducing expenditure and clipping back expenditure is that reducing and cutting is an open-ended process and clipping is a process that suggest there was a previous stable state.

In other words, you an reduce or cut something forever until infinity. But if you clip something back, you clip it only back to a previously establish level or stable state. You cannot clip something back to 0! Clipping back means there will still be something left when you are done clipping it. That is the minute and subtle difference and why the word clipping is used and not cutting back or reducing back. Because clipping has a limit. 

"Budget" = your planed spending limit

March 11, 2017

I got it. What A useless textbook I have!! Thank you : )

BTW, do you know the meaning of 'Budget' in 'Budget Products Division' ?<sub></sub><sup></sup><strike></strike>

March 11, 2017