Enjoy This Life

Life is beautiful. We just need to learn how to live it. So lets enjoy this life, lets cherish this life, in the real way. But what is the real way? And what we are doing? We are trying best to enjoy life in a way that can give us a moment of happiness but can cause great harm to us. Some of us take alcohol to enjoy. Saturday night party is must for some. Some takes different type of drugs. Some thinks, having sexual affair is life. Some of us, waste too much money only in traveling and eating in five start restaurants. and some even so much introvert that they only spend time in home and enjoy studying. But if we just change our mind a little, we can change our lifestyle. There is a famous saying in my country:

" People goes different places to enjoy nature,

   To travel, they spend a lot of money.

   But they miss to see a natural beauty is there

   behind their residency"

So the point is, if we open our eyes, then beauty is in everything. In everywhere. If we eat from a normal restaurant, it also can give us healthy life. Enjoying life is totally depend on our thinking. If we don't desire to change our iphone every year, then we can enjoy this moment with the old phone. We all need to enjoy every moment. Every moment is for us. If you are living in a palace or in a slum..try to make it your own heaven. One day life will change, so just enjoy the present. Don't take any step wrong for little moment of enjoyment. Instead of wasting money in alcohol or partying if we give this in charity. to poor people. if we share our food with a hungry. if we adopt a street animal. we can feel the happiness..if you help a dying child with medication. when you will see their smiling face. You will say: "This is life, this is the real enjoyment of life". Instead of  traveling every parts of the world, if we go and have a football match in  rain...if we take a walk with our love ones in a moon light night.. we can feel more peace. And when we will get peace, only then Our life will be successful..

Mar 11, 2017 5:15 AM
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what you said about life is totally true.  sometimes we are busy living a life other say what life should be and forget ourselves and the things near us. i agree whole-heartedly.
March 11, 2017