The clothes
what do you call the clothes which you wear to go out  and the clothes which you wear at home in general?
is it going out clothes and home clothes?

is it unstrange to go out home with a pajamas in your country?
Mar 11, 2017 8:20 AM
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Hey Sara, here a lot of clothing for learning vocabulary or maybe used it for work or at home : . Enjoyed !

March 12, 2017
If I'm going out to dinner or somewhere special I might call that "dressing up". For work, I'd just say my work clothes. If I'm exercising I'd call that my gym clothes. There are actually specific words for the type of dress you'd wear to events: black tie, formal wear, cocktail dress, business formal, business casual. But you wouldn't refer to your own normal clothing this way- it's more for what you would see on an invitation to an event.
March 12, 2017

I usually call the clothes I wear at home "loungewear". You also have "sleepwear" for stuff you sleep in.

As the "Athleisure" style has been showing up in my country, I guess nowadays sleepwear in public would be more acceptable, with the right touch.

March 11, 2017