HI LIFE, MY LIFE Hi life...Yes Yes you. no don't see here and there, i am talking to you My LIFE...Why sometime you are so beautiful..And why sometime you are so painful. Why sometime you give us so much love, and why sometime we need to cry for that love? I have so much WHY and i know if i search i can get all answers too. But i just want to say THANK YOU. For everything. For Every Good time and painful time. i understood that we need both, that is what keep us going. That is what keep us in balance. Hey Life, you are my love. My breathing reason, i wanna hug you every time. I know one day you will leave us too. But until that day please be my friend. Don't be too rude with us. And lets walk this journey together. Side by Side.Hand on Hand.
Mar 11, 2017 11:35 AM