Being in a clique, can bring a sense of belonging. Indeed, the people who belong to a clique, have the same centers of interests. So, they can have the same passions, and the same subjects of conversation. If the people like nerds, Gothics, who were generally excluded, they can integrate cliques who correspond them. If they were often criticized, they could support and help together. The people belong to a clique will feel less different. They could have a role, they could answer the question “who am I”: a nerd, a jock, a geek…When we belong to a clique, we feel important. We feel listened and hear from the other members of the group.

 However, in spite of these many numerous positive points, to belong to a clique can be confronted with problems. For example, when we belong to a clique, it is difficult to make new friends. 

Mar 11, 2017 11:42 AM
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March 11, 2017