Peter Jobson
New here and wanted to introduce myself :)

Hi all,

I've just signed up and ready to learn and meet new people :)

I've had a total of 24 hours of Japanese lessons and have continued to study at home as best I can. I figured coming on here could help me keep that learning going and having chats with people much like me... yay.

Also looking for a teacher but not sure how to go about this... I'm thinking of just messaging a couple of the teachers on here. (I imagine that's the best option ha)

Anyway looking forward to chatting with you all and being part of the community :)


Mar 11, 2017 9:47 PM
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Hi, Peter. There're very good Japanese teachers in italki, so I'm sure you'll find suitable one for you.

Some people ignore any paid teachers and just try to find language partners, but I think it's ineffective and stressful, especially for newbies.

March 12, 2017
Nice to meet you. I can help you a Japanese teacher and a language partner if you correct word by word.
March 12, 2017

hey Pete, sorry I don't speak Japanese but I think your ink is very cool!  :-)

Yeah I'd suggest just contact some teachers directly. 

March 12, 2017

Thanks for the comments guys and glad you like my tattoos :) more than happy to send you closer pictures if you're ever interested!

Yeah i think as this stage in my learning I'd be  best suited going for a paid teacher and then perhaps progressing to some language partners in the future.

But with that, please send me a message if you want to just chat about anything. I'm going to be online later this evening and looking for a teacher.

March 12, 2017