Language partner Hello everyone. I am an intermediate speaker of Mandarin but need a native to practise speaking with. I can help with English as well. I have QQ and Wechat, but not Skype.
Mar 12, 2017 8:11 PM
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WeChat ID:joycejojomi

I will study abroad soon~and reeeeeeeeeeally want to improve my English.I definitely can help you with your Cuinese and I major in Threatre design. If you are interested in art and Chinese ~I am willing to help you ,also I am very patient to correct any mistake of your speaking.

March 13, 2017
I hope i can help you . My wechat  is qsy779522
March 13, 2017
@<a ui-sref="user({})" href=""> Qusiyu</a>, <a ui-sref="user({})" href="">Joyce</a>, <a ui-sref="user({})" href="">临渊羡鱼</a>, 人家想学汉语,你们想和他共同学习这个挺好,如果你们都是渴望像学好英语,为什么不到人家页面上去留言呢,直接在这上面留下自己的微信号,这也太直接了,也得考虑自己的隐私啊?你们这样直接,尤其女生,不怕吓到别人?
March 17, 2017
Hi!I can help you till your Chinese is as good as a native speaker(may be need some years?).And my interests:poetry,religions,culture.Now I'm learning acupuncture and tuina in college and have lots of free time.If you want to know something about Chinese art,music,medicine,history,religions,poetry,ZhouYi or anything else.I can try to find the information for you.My wechat15257161025.qq2493973991.
March 13, 2017

hi, glad to meet you. I am a native chinses speaker, also i speak a little english,  we can chat  on    QQ, my QQ number is 115639319

March 13, 2017
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