I need to pass a test: either IELTS or TOEFL?

What should I choose?

I don't have any specific purpose like enrolling to some American university, I just need a document that will certify my English level.

I appreciate any comments, suggestions , so don't hesitate to write something here)))))

Mar 12, 2017 9:26 PM
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Hi Vadym!

I hope below text can help you, First i'm going to say similarities then differences between TOEFL and IELTS tests.

Both of them have four main sections to evaluate:Reading , writing , listening and speaking  they are both standardized tests which in theory means that the scores are consistent throughout the world.
There is not much difference in price, with both costing between $150 and $250 depending were you do exam.

in my opinion the biggest difference between the two tests. in the IELTS test you will talk to a real person but in TOEFL you will speak to a computer.

additional in the TOEFL test you will be asked 6 questions and it lasts around 20 minutes then you will be asked two questions on familiar topics, such as your home town or family. You will be asked to summaries information from a text or conversation and to give you option. Finally , you will be asked to summaries information a short conversation.

 The IELTS speaking test consist of 3 sections and last around 15 minutes. as i wrote above you will be test with a real person and feels more like a real conversation. the first part is same as TOEFL  familiar topics. You will then be given a topic and you will have one minute to prepare a monologue of between 1-2 minutes. Finally you will be asked question lined to the topic you spoke about in part 2.

March 12, 2017
IELTS is preferred in UK while TOEFL is for USA. If it's just for language proficiency proof, I think they are interchangeable. 
March 12, 2017

You say that you "need to pass a test" but you have no specific reason.

Perhaps you could take the Oxford Online placement Test. The cost is very modest compared to the two which you mentioned. Also, it can be arranged through Italki.

March 12, 2017