It occured to me to ask you...

i suppose there are different ways in different countries to say "Good bye" to a person who leaves home/country  by the plane or by another kind of transport for a trip..

I know that Americans can  say : Have a safe trip

The French say : Bon voyage

And how about your country, your customs in such cases ?

Mar 13, 2017 8:59 PM
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Iranian say:

I hope you have an enjoyable trip.

I hope you have happy times beside your family.

I hope you travel in safety.

March 14, 2017
In Portuguese: Boa viagem!
March 29, 2017

when it comes to saying good bye , there is various ways , in my country in some cultures , people believe that don't say goodbye at that time just make them wish for having safe travel , when I ask them about the reason, probably the answer will be because they say mentioning ''goodbye'' is like u will lost the opportunity  to meet them  a gain .

March 14, 2017
In Serbian: Срећан пут!
March 14, 2017
In Russian says: When you come there, call me))
March 14, 2017
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