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tranditonal food in our country. In different country, we have different cultrue. So, in different festival we eat some tranditonal food. Now, can you tell us what do you have in your own tranditonal festival? In Chinese lunar new year, we eat 煎堆(jiandui) ,a round, fried food which made of flour,popcorn,syrup.In my hometown, there is an old saying "煎堆辘辘,金银满屋"(jian dui lu lu , jin yin wan wu)It means that the jiandui runned, and treasure will full of your house.
Feb 17, 2008 7:43 AM
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你是一个很热心的人我想问你 你认识在大连的日本人吗 我希望和他互相学习语言 私は大連で生まれて、尹忆海と申します。大連で 日本の友達を探していますけど。いっしょに中国語
November 4, 2008
in Portugal we usually eat: -in kings day (6th of january) a cake called bolo-rei, wich has both a prize and a favae in the middle , who ever gets the favae pays for the cake next year , strange tradition though -on easter we eat either roasted goat or sheep , followed by a salty cake called fular( thats probably the one thing my mom lets me cook in family gatherings (._.) anyway we follow up with chocolate eggs (damn you easter bunny you're making me fat) -and then at the popular saints parties we eat a lot of grilled sardines (I wonder why) - finally in christmas ... usually we have a lot of cod. and thats about it in traditional food for my country I can't remember more anyway
February 21, 2008
In Japan, we have 年越し蕎麦(としこしそば)around the new year's eve, 御節料理(おせちりょうり)and 餅(もち)for new year's days, 七草粥(ななくさがゆ)on the January 7th, and おしるこ on January 11th. 年越し蕎麦(toshi koshi soba) is buckwheat noodles. People are very busy cleaning houses at the end of the year to prepare for the arrival of the new year god. Noodles were easy to prepare and eat during this busy period. Nowadays, we eat 蕎麦(そば)、うどん、ラーメン. 御節料理(おせちりょうり)was the dish prepared for the new year god. Each ingredient represents desires for happiness, prosperity, and health. When I was a child, my mother would start preparing the 御節料理(おせちりょうり)early in December, and we would eat them for the first 3 days of January. Nowadays, you can just buy a ready-made dishes. 七草粥(ななくさがゆ)is a soupy rice cooked with 7 spring herbs. People used to believe that having this dish will keep them healthy for the rest of the year. Japanese place rice cake decorations on a few spots of their houses to present them for the new year god during the new year celebration. On the January 11th, people take the rice cake off from the shelves and cook them in sweet bean sopu, which is called お汁粉(おしるこ). This event is called 鏡開き(かがみびらき).
February 19, 2008
Also, we eat fish on the eve of Chinese lunar new year which means 年年有余(nian nian you yu ) . It's said we alawy have superadound in the end of the year,during the past year we have enough things. 鱼(fish) and 余(remaining) has the same pronounce in Chinese.So, we eat fish ,use the homophony to get a good allegory. Now ,can you tell me something about your culture? I hope you can use your native language while type down the name of your food:) Ps.the Lantern festival is coming...wish all of you have good time and have a good ending with your darling.
February 17, 2008
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