Let's save street Animals (Re-post) Street animals, specially street dogs n cats are very familiar to us. usually in asian countries if you go out in road its very common to see street dogs/cats crossing roads, or walking on the road side. Statistics says that, most of the street animals die because of accident and lack of food. So its our duty to help these animals. Adopting is a great way to help these animals, yes yes yes i know this will cost some cash, but believe me its worth it. Just imagine by your little effort you can save a life. So if you have place and if you can then try to adopt an animal. but most of the people lives in apartment and they can't adopt animals  in apartment. The best way for them is to donate into street animal saving organisations . In every country you will find animal rescue org. They rescue street animals and take care of them. So you can help them , minimum help can be 5$ per month. Just think, your 5$ not harming you, but this 5$ saving a life from death. We call ourselves human, but we are so busy these days that we don't remember what is call humanity. We are the best doesn't mean other living beings are less, they are part of our earth too. So its our duty to take care of them. 
Mar 14, 2017 10:13 AM