Bang Nguyen
How to handle multiple task? Good evening, I have a lot of things to do this week, so I wonder how you guys deal with multiple tasks. I wanna do more but I feel that I can focus on only 1 (or 2, sometimes) main issue at the same time. Please share your tricks and discuss about it here :).
Mar 14, 2017 2:01 PM
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I'm a multitasker, but not quite sure it is something you could learn)

I'm bored if I need to do only one thing at a time. However, you are obviously quite defferent type of person)

Anyway, here are my ideas, which you could try:

1. Think of asking for assistance. Maybe somebody around you could do your task faster with less efforts.

2. If others involved in your tasks, start with your part, then while they are doing their part of the task, you could switch to something else.

3. If you need to learn, to remember something and so on, you could proceed with pauses, because we couldn't concentrate for a long time anyway. While you are resting your brain continues to work on the task, so finally you could find a better solution. Use the pauses to do something quite different from the list of your tasks. This way you are resting and prociding with your tasks simultaneously.

4. Try some kind of plan or schedule if it works for you.

I hope something from my list will work for you)

March 14, 2017

I agree that doing only one thing at a time is boring, and it might even limit our development. I'm trying to not be like that.

Your 2nd and 3rd ideas seem good for me. In fact, the way you've mentioned in the 3rd similar to the way computers handle multiple tasks. It takes a job, executes a part of it, pauses then takes another, and so on.

Thank you very much!

March 15, 2017