How Can I learn other languages?

Hello, I'm a Spanish native speaker, I love languages but I feel It is really hard. 

Currently,l I am learning French and English but at the moment I have to write a letter or listening to a podcast or song I cannot understand. 

There is someone who can tell me his experience when learning some language. 


Mar 14, 2017 3:17 PM
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I'm learning French. I chose a simple TV show (Gilmore Girls) and started watching it in French, with French subtitles. After a while I was able to understand it even without subtitles! I think small steps are important, and lots of practice
March 14, 2017

Hi, Valentina!

Learning another language is a long process ( you're still learning in your own language and have to start from scratch with the ones you're planning on learning). It's overwhelming, sometimes gruelling, demands a lot of patience but always rewarding.
I would suggest you to continue listening to the podcasts you mentioned, even if you don't understand them  because  you'll get used to it in the long run and be able to identify a few words.

As for the letter, iTalki and its community are here to help! Feel free to submit it and someone will correct it for you :)

We're in the same boat: I'm learning English and am sometimes desperate when I feel like I'm not making any progress. But I know that perseverance and patience are key and try to stick to it. ( I don't have any choice anyway, I live in the UK :)

Wish you good luck with your journey!

March 14, 2017