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Nowadays we are so busy that hardly have any time to study English. Every morning I get up about 7 o'clock. In the day time we need to work , sometimes it will be not so busy, but it is not good to be found learning English in working time. After work, I need to play with my son and learning AccA to about midnight. 

About half year ago, I found podcast seems to be a good tool for me, it allows me listen English during driving to office.   So I download AEE English, Luke's English and also Jenny English on my smart phone and listen on my car.

However ,recently I found that most of the sentences or vocabulary I have listened on my car will be forgotten quickly. When I want to recall what I have listened after arrived at office or arrive home after work.. It seems to so hard.

So next step, I think I will take some notes for what I have listened and the official transcript may also can help.

Mar 15, 2017 5:44 AM
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This is the "danger" with podcasts. They're convenient to listen to in the car, bus or train, but if you "just listen" they aren't so effective. The same is true for me when I listen to podcasts with useful information and don't take notes. I forget everything afterwards.

Here are a couple of quick ideas you could try. I don't recommend doing them when you're driving though - it would be dangerous! 

- listen to a short section, pause it and then summarise it in your own words (on paper, or preferably out loud, what you just heard)

- choose a short section (5 to 10 seconds) that you found difficult. Listen to it a few times and write out what you hear. Compare with the transcript if you have one. Did you catch everything? Did you miss any words? Were there any new words?

- before you listen, read the show notes (I know Luke adds a description to all of his podcasts) and predict a few words you think you'll hear. This works best with a short podcast. Listen and tick off the words as you hear them (if you hear them).

- write your own summary of the podcast and then compare this with the show notes.

On websites such as BBC Learn English or British Council - Learn English, there are usually activities and transcripts with the podcasts and other types of audio.

I have a short, 5-minute podcast. Under each episode, you'll find different activities to do. I normally create dictation activities too. You can find it here:

Good luck with learning English - sounds like your life is busy, so it's great that you're making time to learn. 

March 15, 2017
"I don't recommend doing them when you're driving though" it sounds like an advice lol
March 16, 2017

@<a href="" class="">Roger</a> Oh my goodness, I was joking but I agree, I think it's safer to listen to podcasts on public transport. It's easier to do the types of activities I suggested. And it's true that even if you're "just listening" driving while doing something else can be dangerous.

Listening to political speeches can be helpful, but it's not the sort of language you'll hear or use in everyday life. Politicians speak more slowly and carefully so that's not so useful if you want to understand what people are saying to you in conversation.

The same activity will work well with a shorter podcast. I think you'd enjoy the BBC's 6-minute English podcast too. As you can tell from the name, it's short!

March 21, 2017

@<a ui-sref="user({})" href="">Léon</a>

Thank you very much and I think may be I will change from driving to metro line or I will change to listen to some short.episode in the evening  to make up time in car. 

March 18, 2017

@<a ui-sref="user({})" href="">Cara Leopold</a> Thank you very much

It did dangerous, several times I almost have my car crash into others. So later I think I will not drive to work, metro will be more safe.

About month ago I also tried to listen to some speech like Theresa Mary May 's first speech as Prime Minister and  Obama's speech in Chicago, but it is so long that I spent about weeks to listen and wrote it down. So finally I give up. But your suggestion make me to pick up it again and I have save your  episode which I think is more suitable to listen and write them down. Because it won't take so much time.  

Thanks again

March 18, 2017
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