Fancy words - which of them most fancy/usable?

Hi everyone, I'll appreciate if you could help me with some most usable synonyms of most common words; for instance I could say "hence" instead of "because", or "immense" instead of "huge" or "great", etc.

What else can you suggest as "fancy" synonyms that may incredibly increase the quality and level of the language?

Thanks a lot!

Mar 15, 2017 6:53 PM
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I opine that "opine" is not that commonly in use. Personally, I don't feel using fancy words improves the quality of a language, unless, maybe, sometimes, if your English is already at a very high level, grammatically nearly perfect, and if you know really well in which situation and context you can use those words. Often, if used in an informal situation or in a wrong way, those fancy words may look strange and inappropriate, and might make your English sound funny rather than increase its level. A good way to pick up words is to read and listen a lot. Then they will come naturally. For example, pick a couple of native English speakers whose writing you like, writing in a context that you need to write in, and analyse their writing. Learn the words and expressions that they use. So these are your new words, fancy or not.
March 15, 2017

For finding synonyms you can use a thesaurus such as this one

However, I would suggest to avoid using words that you have never seen before when there is another word that you know well. Fancy words are difficult to use correctly and people often use them in a wrong way and put them where they don't belong. For example, you can't just replace "because" with "hence". You have to rewrite the whole sentence.  If you want to use a word that is new for you, google it or look it up in a dictionary to see it in a context first and understand how it is used.

March 15, 2017
Hi Katarina,
Thanks for fast answer! Surely I understand that I can't just replace some word with a "fancy" word :)
I just want to find out which of them are commonly in use, and then I'll google to find out how to use them correctly. I opine it'll increase my level, I mean the quality of the language.
March 15, 2017