Have you heard of 许渊冲?Have you read his translation works?Do you like Chinese poetry?

I think that Xu's translation is very special.Have a unique view.He let me have a new understanding on Translation.Beauty in sense ,beauty in sound,the beauty inform.At present,my level is not like him,but I can learn and appreciate.

Share some of his translations:

The Three People's Principles.→Genera translation isl:Nationalism, Democracy, the People's Livelihood

    ↑ I think it's complicated and boring,not easy undersand.

 But  Mr.XU translation is:→as "of the people , by the people, for the people. "

    ↑  I think he used simple words to translate the meaning of the core.  His difference is not simply the use of words  .My English is not good enough to express the difference.I don't know how to describe it.

The following is his translation of poetry:

Snow On The River

From hill to hill,no bird in flight.

From path to path, no man in sight.

A lonely fisherman afloat.

Is fishing snow in lonely boat.





However,his information is not much in China.It makes me feel surprised.

It's hard to buy his book.Probably translated into English and sent to foreign sales.

Looking for someone ...who like his works; we share and discuss together.

Mar 16, 2017 3:55 AM
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This time....I can't understand.Some places do not understand.But I could feel your heat of language...or translate or about verbal communication
March 16, 2017

Yes, that right. I find sentences like 烈火烹油 (to describe something like a "flash in a pan") being used a lot in Chinese these days, so part of my translation work involve finding the Chinese/ English equivalent. This also helps improve my language skills, like finding a suitable small brick for building the foundations of a language.

Mmm, interesting- I think it can be a suitable tool to learn any language too .

March 16, 2017

blow out like fireworks in the night sky

↑I like this sentence.Let me reminds something...something too hot...suitable for appreciation, don't have suitable..Like fireworks,like feeling.太炙热的东西,适合欣赏,不适合终老

March 16, 2017

Maybe people work best under pressure? Many good authors produce good stuff when they are under stress. It is a combination of their personality, stress, and a lot of external pressure, that they squeeze out their best works. Then they blow out like fireworks in the night sky, with only their books left as a reminder of their existence. 

March 16, 2017
Whenever I read a new novel...I can't help looking at the author's background.I feel the author of most masterpieces...their lives are not very happy.甚至悲惨.But their work is excellent and special.This seems a little contradictory.But it is a fact
March 16, 2017
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