Let's Talk Art! I attended an art school for my university studies, and one of the questions students had to answer was: What is art? So I'd like to know what you think! How do you define art? Can art be an accident, or does it have to be consciously and intentionally designed? Can art be made by an animal, such as its footprints in the snow which create an interesting pattern? What are your thoughts? 
Mar 16, 2017 1:55 PM
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Nature (aka the cosmos) is "everything that has ever existed or ever will." So that includes animals, animal footpints, humans, and the Mona Lisa. Everything. I include the Mona Lisa even though it's an indirect product of what we traditionally think of as Nature. It's a direct product (a painting) of a direct product of natural selection (a human). So it must be part of Nature. For that matter, so is all art, and all technology. I think that art is that subset of Nature that was created consciously and intentionally for the purpose of self-expression. The Universe expressed itself when it created humans (and planets and everything else), but it did so unconsciously and unintentionally. Natural selection is a directionless, soul-less, wasteful, somewhat horrific mechanism; but from it arises wonders. Conversely, painting the Mona Lisa was a sensitive, respectful, soulful, loving act. And art is also a wonder.
March 16, 2017

Interesting topic and interesting views!

Well, I think art is the heart of everything we are experiencing or coming in touch with. Does that make sense?:) In short, we can use this word i.e. "art" before any activity or happening in our day-to-day life whether it is naturally occurring or artificially occurring events.

For example, the art of living, the art of learning, the art of earning, the art of speaking, the art of making, the art of solving a problem and so on. So, everything has a pattern that looks good or makes more sense when we come across that like you said the snowflakes or footprint of animals.

March 16, 2017
March 16, 2017
Привет! Насчет животных ты конечно загнула )))))
March 16, 2017