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When to say "Watashi Wa" vs "Boku Wa" and Introducing yourself

Hi, I am new to learning Japanese, could someone explain the difference between using "Watashi Wa" and "Boku Wa" when introducing yourself to someone new. What is the difference between Watashi and Boku?  

Also can someone let me know if this is written right "I am Chris"     私はクリスです

Is there a better way to introduce your name rather than saying "I am Chris" such as "my name is Chris"?

Mar 16, 2017 3:35 PM
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私 is a neutral while 僕 is more of a muscular way of saying "I" in Japanese, therefore "boku" is mostly used by guys, while "watashi" is used by both men and women.

Also, other ways of introducing yourself would also be : 

僕の名前はクリスです(boku no namae ha kurisu desu)。- My name is Chris.

僕はクリスと言います(boku ha kurisu to iimasu)。- I am called Chris.

And also, as you already know, simply saying "desu" after your name also makes it a self-introduction. I'd usually use this one. 

I hope this answers your question!

March 16, 2017
"Watashi Wa" わたしは(私は)
"Boku Wa" ぼくは(僕は)

わたし ← 大人が自分を指す呼び方。男性、女性の両方が使います。

ぼく ← 中学生までの男の子(boy)が使います。


おれ(俺) ← 大人の男性が使う、くだけた(Informal)言い方。
March 27, 2017

boku  used by male.there are a few female use the word unless she is tough girl.

watashiwa uesd by both sex.

March 27, 2017