New Cantonese learning skype group

It seems there are some Cantonese learning groups out there but I'm not sure how full they were.

So I'm thinking of creating a skype group for those people who want to learn or to improve their Cantonese.

Recently I found that teaching people Cantonese well is quite satisfied.

I will be moderating the group to make sure everyone has a chance to practise with.

Let's see how many people are interested in


Mar 16, 2017 6:03 PM
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I would be interested, I have a whatsapp group where we practice texting in 口語 but no regular skype group. I have some friends that would be interested as well, so let me know if this becomes a thing :) I would think Saturday would be the best day because of time differences? 
March 6, 2018
Im in
February 15, 2018
Would be interested
April 20, 2017
We have a wechat group for Cantonese, if you send me your wechat ID I will add you.
March 19, 2017