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It's been about 5 months, that I'm not practicing English​ AT ALL. Being busy with another beautiful language, Russian language. One and only benefit of learning Russian on English is getting better at listening in English, maybe.

I'm forgetting it, mixing up with padezh, even Russian is affecting a little bit On my mother tongue, and also on English. Yes, seems funny.

Shortly speaking, dear friends, what do you suggest me to do to practice my English, while it doesn't really take time.

( I watch English videos/movies/music/


What do you recommend me to dio  please?

Mar 16, 2017 10:35 PM
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hi  dear, 

Ive just read your post , that was really interesting for me, because learning Russian is really hard from my view .Anyway, I reckon that watching movie is really good idea but what makes it better is reading books , try to download books in every topics which u r interested , I dont know psycology or so , you have to take heart and actually take steps with more confident , u know in my point , I consider every one us know English as well , just we forget sth and by remembering it , we can easily improve ourselves .  

Dont feel u r alone on this way , we all  are remembering English while we are studying , so count on friends here and feel free to sending message and asking your questins if you had any question in grammer or every thing ,I will keep my finger crossed for you to achieve your goal by the way . 

best regards, take care


March 19, 2017

Hi Aaram, you sound to be really enjoying Russian !

You mention watching videos and listening to song in English.

If you do that regularly, then you really shouldn't worry. What you can do, is implement on those activities.

For instance, you could take notes while watching a video and jot down words you don't know. Or, you could write down what the video was about in English in one sentence. Or summarize the video aloud and record yourself doing it and keep the recording.

See ? these are activities that should take very little time, 10-15 minutes tops and still make you do some active language learning.

With songs, there are many similar activities you could do.

About that, here is the link of a blog that talks specifically about learning with songs.   ; It's one of my favourite posts on the topic !

March 19, 2017


Thanks, man!

March 19, 2017

How much you can get is closely related to how much time you would like to expend. Nothing more. 

Therefore measure how much time you can spare for the language learning then expect what level you would like to achieve in a time frame. 

March 17, 2017
I suggest being in touch with your friends,, speaking English,, that leads you to remember the English words inevitably.  
January 5, 2019
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