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              My  parents  have  two houses  .If  we sell  one  of  them,we  can  get  some  money.I have a chance  to study in  Canada  ,but  it is very  expensive .But  this  is a   good  chance to  improve English and  enter a  foreign university. Now    is  the  best  time to  study  something  that  I  am  still  so  young.Is  it necessary  to sell a  house  in order to  study  abroad?Actually  I  dont want to  sell  a  house.  And   the  money  is just enough  for  me to study   abroad  for  two  and  half   or three years  maybe   .That is a    problem.And   it is a  serious  burden  to   my  family  .We  will  be  very  stressful   .I  dont  want my parents  to be  stressul.And  I   have  a   younger  brother.Besides,English is a  challenge for  me,too .Maybe I have to push myself  to study  English  so hard.I   hope my English   level is   as  same as my foreign  friends’.    Maybe  I  will have  to use English to solve  every  subject s  homework and tests    ,too.It  is a serious  problem.

           My  family is  not  enough  rich.But  it is  too expensive to  study abroad  .All  because  of  lacking  money  .I am  in  delimma  .I  want  to  study  in  an  English   speaking  country  so   much.But     I   worry  about  many  things  .It  is a  serious  economic  burden.And  maybe  my  parents will  disagree  to  sell a  house  in  the end(my father  just  said  to sell a  house  when  I  told him that I  want  to  study  in  an  English   speaking  country  so   much )(actually  he doesnt  want to sell a  house   and  he  thought  I am  crazy).It is too selfish to sell  a house  so as to satisfy  what I  need .

     Maybe  I  will give in   the situation.I  dont want  to  push  my  parents. If  I  insist that I want to go to Canada  all  the  time ,I  think  my  parents  will sell  our house  and  support me.

Mar 17, 2017 10:46 AM
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This is not a problem that you have to blindly decide. Ifi were you, I would decide what major that Iwant to study. Then, I would find material on that subject in English and determine how difficult it is. I would talk to native speakers everyday to judge my English level. I would study the vocabulary relating to my field of interest.

After all of this, then I could better understand if this is something I can successfully do at this stage. My coworker from China was in your same situation and naturally, she decided to come to America. If you spend your time worrying about all of the pros and cons, you will spend your entire life thinking of why you should and why you should not.
March 17, 2017

If you have two houses in Canada and if you do not need the second house, now is a great time to sell the house.

In most Canadian cities (especially Vancouver and Toronto) the house values have gone up about 12% per year for the last 5 years.

If the two houses are in China, they may also be worth a lot more than you paid for it, so there will be a big profit.

Some people believe that the price of houses will soon stop rising and it is possible that the prices will go down.

You could try to attend school in Canada for one year. If it is too difficult or too expensive, you can change your mind and continue studying in China. Your English will improve very quickly in Canada, even after only one year. 

March 17, 2017
    If I am in your situation. What will I do?
    First, studying abroad is a better way to learn a foreign language, but it is not the only way to do that. If I have enough money and have an oppotunity to go to Canada, to study there, I will be happy.
    If am short of money, applying for a scholarship is another option for me.
    Moreover, there are so many ways for me to improve my English. For oral English, u know, we can find a native speaker on iTalki for practicing. For listening, we can watch some movies, TV-shows and news programs. For writing, communicating with other people online is a better way to typing words. For reading, oh, so many articles on Internet which are free for us.
    I agree with Dawei Zhijiage above.
    Your parents have two kids in your family. They have to so much things to do, they need to face a number of considerations. It is not the best choice to sell a house.
July 3, 2017