Looking for language exchange; Learning English and Russian!

Hello guys! Привет друзья!

Я изучаю русский и английский язык. Очень серьезно мне о русском языке, потому что я студентка на русского кафедра в университете, но на первом курсе. Я не говорию по-русски хорошо.

Я говорию по-английски неплохо. Я очень хочу веладеть собой на и русского и английского языках.

Я думала, что....

" Dear Russian native speaker"

Who does really seriously learn English? (I have an idea; Like set a time to practice in a week, at an exact time, an exact topic, which we  have already practiced about that. We can practice together, our writing, speaking,...! I am aware of that it sounds kinda like a classroom or sth. :)) But OUR time matters, and especially our goals.

Beside that we can also have some short time разговор по-русски!

Благодарю за ваши минуты!:) 

Mar 17, 2017 12:55 PM
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Salam Aaram. I just began learning Farsi and I am looking for language partners to help me as I work towards proficiency. I am American and can help you practice your English if you like.
March 17, 2017

Здравствуй, Аарам! 

Вот тебе совет по поводу изучения русского языка:

Лучше не заниматься с носителем языка, который не знает как преподавать, потому-что русским обычно кажется, что они знают как учить русскому, но когда они это пробуют, то у них почему-то ничего не получается :) Я это тебе как русский человек говорю.

Bottom line is – if you want to improve Russian, do it with a teacher. The grammar in Russian is all over the place, and most Russians have no idea how their language works. 

Take this as my two pennies in your education. 


March 17, 2017


Yes, dear KP!:]

They know too much. And for us who study the language academicly, we need to know exact expression, name, construction, everything. Or it won't be clear at all. And in my book, you can't ask a lot from your language partner. Unfortunately most of very people​ here they misunderstand that language partner and tutor is totally different!

Right? Language exchange is usually for culture related stuff and practicing the language through listening and talking/writing. 

Мне кажется Вы очень активный, хороший человек. Благодарю вам за ваши помощи! 

Бросой(правильно?:))   ), все в порядке, молодой. 

March 18, 2017
So possibly, the problem of native speakers compared to teachers is that native speakers know too much:)
March 18, 2017
Berze, last time I was doing this, I ended up finding a chapter in a book written by American linguist in 80s, where different opinions on this grammatical question were listed. Since then new ideas must have appeared, but as was said in another book, she - that linguist - had spent 10 years of her life studying this:)
That was a question of the kind "what is difference bettween ... and ... ?" (three constructions with similar meaning).
As the asker was an English speaker, I linked the book. I'm not sure he read it:/ "some time", you say?:)
March 18, 2017
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