Can we learn second language as well as mother tongue?

I like to learn English very good. it is my aim. I try to practice every day. But my progress is slow and my English is weak after years! My main problem is, I make Persian structure in my mind and I replace them with English words. I mean I think Persian I express English!! I can’t forget my mother tongue and speak English like a native. I forget words frequently and I don’t know which words is suitable for these sentence.

I am a little hopeless today and I want to know…

Can we learn and speak second language as well as mother tongue? Especially out of its environment.

How can I forget my mother tongue temporary and talk in English style?

Thanks for your advices.

Mar 17, 2017 3:36 PM
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Don't be discouraged.  Practice, practice, practice, is the key.  Taking classes with a teacher who is a native speaker is also helpful. It's important, and good, that you already understand that translating Persian into English doesn't work because of the differences in sentence structure and phrasing. If you take classes with a teacher who is a native speaker you will get a lot of speaking and listening practice and most of us teachers will also give you homework to improve your grammar and writing skills. There are no magic methods as some schools promise. It takes time and a lot of work, but I'm sure that you can do it. :)

Remember that songs are ok for listening practice, but there is often some very bad grammar in songs, just as there is often bad grammar in movies, videos, and TV shows. :)  Another thing to remember is that many native speakers do not speak correctly! I'm sure you've experienced this in your own language. 

As an English teacher and a native speaker, I am always impressed when someone has made the effort to try and speak my language, so never be ashamed of your English!! 

March 17, 2017
<ul class="media-heading list-inline" style="font-size: 18px;"><li>Hi,Maral. I have had the same problem as you do in the past. But nowadays my English make big progress every day because I recite some sentences and articles in English every day. I have some experience about it. So if you want to discuss with me or practise English with me, please feel free to send messages to me. Nice to meet you!</li></ul>
March 19, 2017

Hey maral :) first I started learning English I was just 13 years old and I had no idea what the script even is.I just used some techniques like I was reading different stories and tried to demonstrate them(it's been the most effective way for me), if u want to learn a new language u should probably put the native language aside and get deeply drown in the language u want to learn.second of all if u want to talk in English just take the first step, don't be scared if u can't talk that fluently.just try to talk with words u've learned and after some days u will see the progress.

(All u said was personal expierence. Hope it is helpful.)good luck :)

March 17, 2017
i know how you feel, really know. my native language is romanian but i had to go to the russian school and learn this language, which is extremely difficult, very fast. i can say that the best tip for learning a second language is to use it. i do not offer you to move to london and live there, i don't. use it in your everyday life: read aloud for twenty minutes a day so you can hear yourself and at the same time see the grammar structure, watch movies and series with double subs or just with english subs, i can even send you the link for such a site, and always remember that there is no shame in speaking broken english or any other language, people will always be happy that you talk to them in their language and you do your best с:
March 17, 2017

Hi, Maral, of course you can learn English well, as long as you're strongly motivated and keep on going.  I myself have never stayed in any English-speaking country for a single day, but I pick English up anyway.  If I can do it, you can do it, too.

Many English learners in my country also have a problem similar to yours: they translate Chinese to English back and forth.  The reason why they do so is because they feel insecure.  They use mother tongue to support the new language, and it turned out to be an obstacle, not help.  I suggest you use English-to-English dictionaries, be they physical or digital, to study English.  Try to figure out the meanings of a new vocabulary word by English, not Persian.  Gradually you will get use to the feeling of using English only, and be insecure no more.

We foreigner English speakers will never be as good as native speakers, though.  Have you ever seen a foreigner who can speak Persian as well as you?

March 17, 2017
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