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title:should women return to the kitchen?

          With the development of society, there are increasing women going outside  home to be working mother. But as a matter of fact, some people still think that women should return to the kitchen where they should work.

          Among these people, some consider women are suitable for looking after family because of their patience, carefulness, and blindness. They can teach children how to do some housework and take care themselves well. The others also think breadwinner work hard even work overtime or second jobs to earn more money to support family. They  are supposed to have a comfortable, cozy and relaxed environment which women create at home after working for a day. 

         We know above but we don't know household women suffer from inner pains such as loneliness and in confidence. We might think they are happy for the simple life which they don't need to work hard in company and just cooking, cleaning, picking up children, shopping, etc .  But to Tell the truth, they have to stay at home for her family and haven't her own salary so that some people might not show the same respect for her as for husband.

          Besides, we can't waste the wealth of women's gift which contributes to society. They ought not to lose the social class. There are a large quantity of jobs need women not man to do like confinement nurse. If they return to the kitchen, the development of society will be slower than before due to decline of competitive power in work.

          What's more, father also can fulfill all a child's need. Except for the qualities mother has, father also can explore, play riddles, climb mountains, etc outside activities. If mother works outside, father can have much more time to stay with children, and family has double wages.

          Last but not least, men will be not able to replace women. Women shouldn't return to the kitchen, which is beneficial to family and society.



Mar 17, 2017 4:37 PM
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You should say help me revise this English "composition".  Also I really like the title and the article.  :)

March 17, 2017