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Could anyone help me with this meaning of following sentence in bracket?
I'm going to university next year, you see. Anyway, relative to the responsibility the pay was acceptable, (but you can stand only so much rudeness from your supervisor even if you know you're not staying). So I left.
For my understanding, this sentence should be written like following:
but you cannot stand so much rudeness from your supervisor even if you know you're going to resign soon.
Is that correct? And why is the word 'can' used instead of 'can't'?

Thanks a lot :)
Mar 18, 2017 1:00 AM
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I think you understand the general idea.  The phrase "you can stand only so much" means "you can tolerate only a limited amount."  You could say "I can't stand so much rudeness," and the meaning would be similar, but not quite identical.  In the example you gave, the emphasis is on the extent of the writer's ability to handle a supervisor's rudeness.  Your suggested correction would instead emphasize that he or she cannot tolerate a lot of rudeness, rather than that his or her ability to tolerate it has limits. Similar, but not exactly the same. 
March 18, 2017
Thank you, Craig. I got it! And Is the meaning behind the original sentence that if one man had decided to stay, he should have had to tolerate more rudeness from his supervisor? 
March 18, 2017