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Love Rap music, tired of defending it PPl now always take Rap Music as garbage, with the words like *************************************,how can it possibly get any better I'll never know, but the beats...its so cool. I like Lil John, Ray J and Nelly's my hero~
Apr 20, 2008 4:54 AM
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Really? I thought that rap is on the top now! When I turn on TV there're tons of rap music. R'n'B and Rap are popular everythere now. As for defending...that' meaningless, because different people have different tastes. But all that I now for sure is that if you don't like music, you better don't listen to it,but don't offend others, who like it. Just be silent then ^^ Personally I'm also not so keen on rap, but I like Linkin Park's songs where rock & rap are mixed - that's cool ^^
April 22, 2008
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